Café Iguana opened it’s doors May 9, 1991 as a venue for culture & arts like poetry reading, paintings, sculptures and photography expos. It also hosted gastronomical events like an Italian buffet where Plastilina Mosh’s Alejandro Rosso played the saxophone; a Japanese buffet hosted by Chef Yoshi from the iconic Meiji-en restaurant. It also attracted many local and national talents and bands like Alejandro Colunga, Nahum B. Zenil, Enrique Canales, Dr. Claudio Fernández, Damián de la Rosa, Alfredo Salazar, Gonzalo Morales, Rubén Gutierrez, Lorenzo Ventura, and Ivette Olivares. International film events were also organized screening movies by Jororovski, like The Wizard of Oz with music from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.


Live concerts started with bands like Acarniences, La Última de Lucas, Pasto, Alebrijes,, Sin Autorización, La Prófuga del Metate. Then big time local bands like Jumbo, El Gran Silencio, Plastilina Mosh, Panda, Kinky, Zurdok and national/international bands like 7 Notas 7 Colores, 2 Minutos, Babasónico, Zoé and Los Tetas started to appear on stage.
With growing demand, Café Iguana needed a bigger place, so in 2003 Rata Blanca from Argentina opened the Big Stage, located at back, which was once used as an emergency exit. More and more bands started playing like Mayhem, Anthrax, Roken, Apocalyptic, Misfits, Gondwana, Los Auténticos Decadentes, Cafres and “La Electroiguana” where international DJ’s spun their turntables.


We all were part of this spiritual movement that affected many and thanks to this, we are evolving. The year we had to shut our doors helped us think about where we were going, what we wanted to do and most importantly, how to do it. It was a hard lesson, but we shed our skin to evolve into what we are now. The events that happened many years ago was something that took a toll on all of us, but was a shift of consciousness. The wounds were deep and paralyzed us, forcing us to analyze what was going on around us. Café Iguana, is not just a place, it lives inside of all of us. We will forever appreciate the support and all the good vibes that gave us strength to heal and resurrect stronger than ever.


What started as an idea in the late 80’s, has turned into a renown reality, Café Iguana is a unique multi-genre music venue where one can express and be yourself with no limitations. Over the course of the years, Café Iguana has become an icon, not only in Monterrey, but in all of Mexico. Over 2,600 bands have played on 4 different stages, from Raggae, Electronica to the most powerful rock. Café Iguana will always be a great option to listen to live music, let the beer flow and eat great pizza.